What happened at Fundraising21 can’t be explained with words alone. The speakers, the attendees, the artists….all came together to create a special moment in Vidare Creative history. We all listened to the incredible teaching from our guests Lori Lewis, Alan Mason, Brian Curee, Mike Meyers, & Dave Stephens, and everyone walked away with knowledge to last a lifetime.

At Vidare Creative we want to say a HUGE thank you to our amazing sponsors: Compassion International, Fair Trade Services, Centricity Records, and Provident Records for providing the musical entertainment (and those delicious meals). To all the speakers: thank you for being a part of our extended Vidare Creative family; without you, Fundraising21 wouldn’t have been as great as it was.

And to you, our friends, clients, and attendees: THANK YOU for spending two days with us. We hope we provided what you needed to hear to help your communities soar to even greater heights. We’re humbled by your words of gratitude and praise; we couldn’t have done this without YOU.

We hope you have a fantastic fundraising year, and we’ll see you again for Fundraising22!

What People Are Saying…

“So many helpful nuggets! The session with Lori Lewis opened my eyes as to why the natural tension exists between digital and programming. She suggested some things, and we implemented them the NEXT day.”

Randy Zachary – Family Radio

“Thousands of new people will find out about the hope of Jesus because of what happened this week through the Vidare Fundraising Conference. They taught us and inspired us how to raise the funds needed to grow our outreach. I walked away excited to find new partners in ministry and how to include my team in the vision for fundraising. What an amazing two days! More people need to jump in on this. Thank you, my friends at Vidare!”

Melissa Montana – WLAB/Ft Wayne (Star 88.3)

 “I don’t think you could pack more valuable information into two days than what Vidare does with their fundraising seminars. Every speaker gave me actionable steps to become a better fundraiser – and not just on-air, but how to do a better job with fundraising 365 days a year. If you think that you do a pretty good job fundraising on your own, this conference will blow you away at how much more you can grow, and how much more money is out there for your ministry!”

Andy Youso – KTIS/Minneapolis

“So much information in two short days. Some great reminders of ways to do effective fundraising, but even better new ideas on how to raise funds to reach the next generation”

Don Burns – KCBI/Dallas

“Fundraising 21 crushed it. Wow. Pages of takeaways and ideas. Now, the work begins, as we strive for implementation.”

Paul Cameron – The Family Radio Network/Appleton

“I learned so much from some of the industry’s best. I’ve come back motivated, with clear goals for the next 90 days and through the end of the year and that’s because of the time I spent with Vidare Creative and the leaders they brought in.”

Hannah Jamieson – WWIL/Wilmington